The Zine has reviewed EP One, describing it as ‘an EP that is stylishly brand new while instantly classic’.

Caffe St Luce writes that ‘Feeling My Heart Run Slow’ is an inventive genre clash tapestry of ear worms, breaks, beats, melody fuelled hooks from a variety of instruments and distinctive vocals with dark tints. In short, an exciting, leftfield, rock adventure in just a few minutes.

Of the EP as a whole the review says ‘It’s an introduction that hits the ground running and sounds so alive that it is not so much a genre to label, as a glorious moment to experience. That moment stands out as a creative and significant find, in a year of monumental musical losses. Treasure for music’s new crusaders and fans of 21st Century ideas, and his previous band, Mansun, alike.

You can read the whole article HERE

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