I want to make a sincere apology to fans who came to the gig at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms last night. A personal issue raised its head just prior to the gig that deeply upset me and affected my performance, something I’m truly sorry about. I lost my focus for the gig due to this and am now gutted because the tour has been phenomenal up to this point and last night should have been a highlight. I will make this up to the fans who attended last night in Nottingham.

I’ve arrived in Norwich today to continue the tour so am looking forward to seeing the fans at the gig tonight where I will resume the tour as it was previously. I hope fans who have seen the other shows know how much the band and I care about making these shows great for you. We will resume that this evening in Norwich. I want to thank my band and touring family who have been fully supportive and who I am incredibly grateful to for their support. Again sorry to anyone who was inconvenienced last night in Nottingham, I will make it up to you and additionally thank you for all the kindness that has been shown to me during the last 24hrs, it means a lot, thank you.

Paul Draper