Paul has posted about his life living under the COVID-19 lockdown.  He writes

Just been out of the house for first time in a while.  I live alone so very weird. As you can see I’ve upgraded my mask but it turns my ears into the cop terminator out of terminator 2. Seriously though I have posted a batch of lyric sheets; for anyone emailing me asking where their’s are they’re all in a queue and they’re coming bit by bit in these extraordinary conditions.

I am also working on vocals in my home studio for my second solo album. A remote collaboration with a world class artist to post and for you to enjoy during the lockdown; and I’m working on a  huge secret Mansun project from home; and I am sending out the last 15 signed black Grey Lantern vinyls out of a whopping total!!

Thanks for all your messages, everything will be coming your way, I’m working as hard as I can under tough conditions and as always I thank you for you patience and support and I hope you enjoy all the stuff when you get it thru / hear it.

Be safe every body. We’re all in this together!