Paul was recently interviewed by HMV. To read the full interview, head over to HMV’s website, here.

You’ve had these songs for a long time now, why are they only seeing the light of day in 2017?

“It was an album that I’d planned on doing in 2003, but I got sidetracked, various writing and production projects got in the way. I set up my own studio in London and I was working, so I just had odd days here and there to tinker with it. I didn’t really feel relevant at that point, I didn’t know what I’d contribute as an artist back in 00’s so I just focused on working in my studio.”

Why did you decide to dig them out?

“One of the albums I’d produced, the album from The Anchoress, got quite a bit of critical acclaim. I’d done a duet with her on the album and co-written some of the songs and that prompted some record companies to start circling me like vultures, asking if I was ever going to do this solo album. It was good timing, my studio had just been bought and was being turned into flats. I had the choice between setting up another studio or doing this project. I moved all my gear to my engineer’s studio and I dug those songs out from 2003 and 2004 and I polished them up. It was a long break!”

Was it an odd experience? Listening to tracks that were well over 10 years old?

“It was. Some were really sketchy, some were more finished, some just need polishing up, though a few still had guide lyrics, a lot of filler. There’s a three disc box set of the album that’s got everything, all the outtakes, you can really see how I’ve changed and improved them. This album is really a resurrection from the dead.”