While its been a very busy year that has just passed for myself with 3 releases coming out, The Anchoress debut album and my first 2 EP’s, it is tinged with genuine sadness that some of the greats of music and some of my all time favourite artists have passed. For Prince and David Bowie to be lost to music in the same year is tragic, 2 of the greats who morphed and twisted, stayed the course and left some truly brilliant records behind, its also tragic to lose George Michael who played the pop game to perfection and left some wonderful records too, Everything She Wants being a personal favourite.

On a more positive note, I’m very proud to have been part of The Anchoress project, the debut album ‘Confessions of a Romance Novelist’ received some great critical praise as well as winning and being nominated for various awards, some of the songwriting on this album is second to none, my personal favourites being PS Fuck You, Doesn’t Kill You and Confessions Of A Romance Novelist. The second album by The Anchoress is well under way and some of the songs are sounding absolutely stunning. Its a privilege to work with open, honest and talented artists who work together and respect each other so well, thats how you succeed in music!

Anchoress vinyl release

With my own first 2 EP’s being released after a fans petition to hear my solo stuff, I’m literally flabbergasted at the reaction and success of these 2 records. My label Kscope have done a beautiful job on the two 12” Vinyl releases with fantastic artwork to complement the music and the releases have both topped the Vinyl and Physical Official UK Singles Charts respectively.


It’s also great to be part of the new world of streaming music and I am enjoying being part of Spotify and having my own playlist on my page of the music I’m listening to and its great to see the plays for the EP’s tick up into the tens of thousands, hopefully in the coming year this will tick up into the hundreds of thousands of plays.

The year ahead is going to be busier than the year that has passed, the Mansun fans who petitioned for me to release a solo record will get their album this coming year with Spooky Action being released and I will get out on the road to play some live shows, the second Anchoress record will be made and a possibility of EP3 later in the year if I can cram it all in. Life at the moment reminds me of the early days of Mansun where it was non stop and you simply cant do everything you want to do in the time you have, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The thing that makes it all worth while, working in the studio and doing the promo bits is the reaction the fans have given to the newly released songs, No Ideas, Feeling My Heart Run Slow, Friends Make The Worst Enemies etc, gladly nobody seems to be disappointed so far and its been great to work with a broad range of musicians who understand music and are willing to collaborate and work together, Steven Wilson, Public Service Broadcasting, The Twilight Sad, The Anchoress and my killer rhythm section Jon Barnett and Stax. Its also great to communicate directly with fans via social media and I’m hoping to keep engaging with people this coming year, but for now, lets hope 2017 can be as good for Mansun fans as 2016 has been with the 3 releases. The 3rd Mansun Convention is being held at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool on the 20th Anniversary of the release of the bands debut album and is coming up in just a few months time, although the event sold out within 24 Hrs it will be great for the hundreds of Mansunites to celebrate their favourite band where all the chaos started.

Happy New Year